Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tick tock tick tock.....

Less than 3 weeks left here! Hard to believe! I still have one more exam this Friday, but I have been trying to do one thing on my London list every day. Last week, I was able to go to Wimbledon and went on a tour of the grounds. So unbelievably cool! I love watching the Championships and walking into Centre Court was stunning. We got to see areas closed off during the championships like the main interview room, the members club area, and where the players would spend time. The museum was pretty awesome too, they had autographed outfits from several champions... Navratilova, Sampras, Serena Williams, Nadal, Federer, Murray (from the Olympics), Djokovic... And a ton of other really cool stuff! And of course the championship trophies (so beautiful!)! The neighborhood around Wimbledon Tennis (and Golf) club was so fancy. The houses were adorable with all kinds of flowers and vines. They had a small cabin feel, but they were actually huge mansions! Super fancy area of London...
The next day, Joanna and I walked to Victoria Park, only about a 15 minute walk from campus. Its such a cute little park in the East End. Two days ago, Sammy and I went to see Marble Arch and explored the area around it. Its such an amazing area (we may or may not have gone shopping on Oxford Street...). Its right next to Hyde Park and we got some Chipotle for dinner! Last night, Joanna and I went to Her Majesty's Theatre in Piccadilly Circus to see Phantom one last time! Of course, it was AMAZING. And walking out into Piccadilly Circus at night afterwards made me so sad to be leaving London soon! That area really comes alive at night and it is such a fun place to be.
Today, a group of us went to Kensington and Hyde Park (the fancy West London areas). I got to see the place where my cousin/best friend Kaitlyn will be living this fall! Its in a super fancy area with lots of food, grocery stores, banks, and a tube station like a 2 minute walk around the corner (Gloucester Road on the district line)! Hyde Park (the biggest/nicest park in London) is only about a 5 minute walk away. We walked to Hyde Park (on the way being stunned by how rich/fancy west London is). We saw the Prince Albert Memorial (a really beautiful gothic memorial) and the Royal Albert Hall right across the street (where they had Phantom's 25th anniversary performance for 3 nights). Hyde Park is GIGANTIC, but we managed to find the Princess Diana memorial fountain, the Peter Pan statue, and the Italian gardens. Hyde Park is so beautiful and all the flowers are so pretty right now!
I have exactly 16 days and 6 hours bitter sweet. I have been on such an emotional roller coaster about it. One minute I'm excited to be home and the next I'm completely in a panic that I have so little time left! These last few weeks are going to be jam packed with fun-filled days, so I'll be going out with a bang :-) Leaving for Ireland (Dublin and Belfast) this Saturday for a few days! And by then my last exam will be over with.. but for now, back to revising!

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  1. Don't think of it as leaving forever. Just think of it as leaving until your next trip back. Some day, when you're rich and famous, you'll want to take your Aunt She-She back and show her everything you've discovered! ;-)